Repost: “15 Reasons Why You Should Date a Southern Girl”

My beautiful roommate, Raegan, posted this earlier in the year, and I really wanted to post it here so that y’all could see how wonderful she is (and how accurate this is) Love ya Rae! Check her out on The Odyssey Online and Her Own Personal Blog.
Southern girls will rock your world and impress your Mama.
The south has a lot to offer, and if you find the right girl, you might just end up staying! My county has a saying: a place to visit, a place to love, a place to live. So if you are still looking for the right place to live, and the right girl for you, here are 15 reasons you should date a southern girl, especially if she is from North Carolina.

1. Southern Accents

N.C. accents are actually quite cute. Southern belles with a drawl will keep a smile on your face!


2. The Sayings

The endless country sayings will have you laughing on the floor, and you will probably end up using a few yourself.


3. Family Recipes

Date a girl who has the secret pie recipe from her grandmother. At a young age, girls are taught that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


4. Beach or Mountains, Take Your Pick

One of the great things about North Carolina is that you can turn a weekend into a quick vacation to either the mountains or the beach! Both are just a few hours away, and are perfect day trip dates.


5. Sporting Events

Here in the south, we go crazy over our football, baseball, and basketball games. We go all out! It isn’t an unusual sight to see someone decked out in camo. Also, during football season, Friday night dates are nonexistent. Unless you count watching the game as a date.


6. The Scenery

You don’t have to go down the road far until you run into a picturesque sight. Taking the scenic route on a date is a popular and romantic option.


7. Country Music

We sing it and dance to it. Country girls know how to shake it!


8. Charming Manners

Yes mam, no sir, please, and thank you. We know them all and know how to show respect when you bring us home to meet the parents.


9. Family Loyalty

Family ties run deep and when you get involved with a southern girl, just know that you quickly become a part of the family as well.


10. Sugar, Spice, But Not Always Nice

We’re cute. We’re sweet, but if you push us too far, we take a baseball bat to your truck….Just kidding! But, we aren’t scared to let our tempers fly when things are taken too far. Mama didn’t raise a pushover.


11. Sweet Tea

Ah, come to the south where the tea is sweet, but the girls are sweeter!


12. Cowgirl Attire Is Cute

Because who doesn’t love a girl in boots and a hat?


13. Can Handle The Heat

It gets super hot during the summer, but we know how to handle it and stay cool when you are sweating like a pig.


14. Just Enough Sass

We come with just enough sass to keep you on your toes. Besides, it would be boring if we weren’t sassy!

15. She’ll Go To Church With You

My favorite thing for a guy to say to me. One of the most important things you can do together as a couple and the hardest part is trying to decide whether you attend yours or her church each Sunday!”


Source: The Odyssey Online; 15 Reasons Why You Should Date a Southern Girl


Relationships.. The Truth

I’ve done a lot of thinking…

Dating is all just a big ball of risks and rewards and no matter how hard we try to ignore it, our past changes everything.

I mean how can we possibly take the risk of ever falling in love again if our past leads us to heartbreak after heartbreak and cheaters after cheaters? This is a major risk. The reward of opening your heart again could be the best relationship you have ever had.

I don’t understand people. I really don’t. How could you possibly cheat on someone who gives you the world?

Apparently its simple for most… You just do. You do it because its the easy way out. It’s the way to avoid fighting for the one you are dating. It’s the way to make yourself completely unstoppable. I mean how can you get your own heart broken if you are the one doing the breaking?

Now that being said, I have never cheated on anyone before, and I do not plan to. I have been cheated on and it’s an awful experience.

It’s kinda funny actually how cruel it is for someone to cheat. Not only are you ruining the person you are in a relationship with, but you are making it so difficult for them to see the rewards over the risk of being hurt again.

If all you have ever experienced is hurt, why would you risk it for the girl/guy you like? Why would they be any different? This is a risk that you are scared to face again. Scared to be broken once more in fear you cannot be fixed. But… what if this person is the one that will truly do anything for you?

That’s where the reward comes in. If you do let this person in, it could be great. You could fall head over heels in love, and they could do the same. You could get married and have a wonderful life together.

My advice to you is that you give it your all no matter what. If it feels like it’s “too good to be true” don’t be scared to try. Sure you could get hurt, but how can you experience the love of your life if you aren’t willing to risk that.

Stay Golden,



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